Before and After Boom Boom Hair Thickening Fibers for women and men

Boom boom’bumvb.

1: To resound, to make a deep impact / 2: to increase in importance / 3: to experience a sudden rapid growth.       

Like its definition Boom Boom Hair has made a resounding impact in the cosmetic hair care industry. Finally research has produced an all-natural and safe product that can eliminate the appearance of bald spots or thinning hair.   The Best beauty hair fibers around.  

Boom Boom Hair Thickening Fibers for women and men


Boom Boom Hair Thickener is a revolutionary solution to eliminating the appearance of fine hair, thinning hair & bald spot areas. It is uniquely formulated from laser cut micronized pure Keratin Protein hair filaments made to resemble real hair that is textured to look and feel exactly like your own hair. Boom Boom Hair merges with your existing hair creating a perfectly natural blend, undetectable to the naked eye. Boom Boom Hair contains keratin protein and natural processed filaments, which adheres to your thinning hair with static electricity and adds volume to your existing hair. It is a finely textured laser cut substance that looks like peach-fuzz that makes your thinnest, finest strands of hair look full again. This unique product will build upon your existing hair without weighing down your hair shaft to produce incredible volume and total coverage and does not clump onto your scalp. An all-natural solution for both men and women that is not paint or a cream that attempts to cover your scalp, which produce a Matt, lusterless appearance. Experience a new cosmetic breakthrough, the results you’ll achieve with Boom Boom Hair will completely surpass anything you have tried in the past. Bald areas contain thousands of tiny "vellus"hairs, apply Boom Boom Hair and watch before your very eyes as 30,000 or more Boom Boom Hair filaments thicken many times over your existing hair.


Celebrities and Boom Boom Hair

Celebrity Secret ? Not anymore.

  • Hollywood celebrities were the first to use this product.
  • Celebrities are not perfect; they just work with top-notch stylists and hair artists who hold the secrets to instant perfection, and now Boom Boom Hair is making these secrets accessible to every man and women.
  • You’ll be amazed at the dramatic difference!  Boom Boom Hair Fibers is Hollywood’s secret hair loss concealer for thinning hair breakthrough that when applied, create a natural bond to your existing hair, for a fuller, natural and undetectable look. Now the secrets to instant perfection, is making these secrets accessible to every man and women.   

        Just Shake & Wear Boom Boom Hair, it's that easy!



Boom Boom Hair Fibers is an instant solution to the appearance of thinning hair.

They are easy-to-use, microscopic, fibers adhere to your existing hair to instantly add the look of volume and fullness to hair. An easy, instant way to get a fuller, thicker, natural looking head of hair in seconds.

  • Simply shake fibers onto hair & blend
  • Each fiber is coated with an electrostatic coating which binds it to the hair shaft, immediately building hair density 
  • Will not run, stain or smear and last until washed out with shampoo
  • Available in 8 natural colors, Black, Dark brown, Medium brown, Light brown, Dark blond, Light blond, Auburn and Gray-or blend colors to tailor to your hair color.
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Regain Your Confidence and Feel Great About Yourself Again!
  • One application of the ultra light fibers can last all day, in wind and rain, and contains no messy dyes that may stain or smear. Fibers wash out easily with shampoo

Boom Boom Hair Video

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Just Shake & Wear Boom Boom Hair Fibers, it's that easy!


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