The first time I applied Boom Boom Hair I could not believe my eyes at what had happened to my hair. With a simple shake in about 30 seconds my head had transformed bald spots, and a receding line to a full head of hair. I wonder what I ever did without it.

Walter N.Y. Testimonials

I love Boom Boom Hair Fibers. It is quite exciting to see my thin hair areas become thick and full once again. It’s quick and easy and looks completely natural. I don’t go out of the house without it on.

Larry IL

Very impressed with the product. My hair feels soft and healthy looking. I no longer have to worry about the lack of hair I have.

Gary, Ont.

The transformation in my appearance has had an astounding effect on my social life. I am so confident and at ease especially in crowded elevators. Boom Boom on!

Bruce IL

I have always had fine hair but plenty of it but when reaching menopause my hair started to become thinner. I have tried all the volumizing products on the market claiming miracle wonders but none had proven to work. I was determined to find a solution that didn’t involve hair transplant and I did. Boom Boom Hair covers my thinning areas while volumizing my hair beyond my expectations. I can’t stop looking in the mirror. I am amazed.

Cindy, Alberta

Incorporating Boom Boom Hair as a final product has improved by clients thinning hair complaints and I have been able to offer them new styling options. Many have expressed how this product has improved their lives and made them feel better about themselves.

Hair stylist Robert, NY

Boom Boom Hair is an excellent product for my hair loss problem. It is easy to use and very effective. How wonderful to use a product that actually delivers significant results.

Raymond, B.C.

Having thin wispy hair does tremendous damage to yourself confidence. I am delighted to have found Boom Boom Hair and the fact that it is a natural product is even better. I feel my hair has been given a new lease on life and would highly recommend this product to friends and family.

Shirley, WA.    


We all shake Boom Boom Hair Thickening Fibers

We all shake Boom Boom Hair Thickening Fibers