100 Reasons Why to use our Hair Fibers!


 1) Non-toxic natural solution that is a safe and effective cosmetic hair care product that works and looks natural. 

2) Erase all signs of hair loss with our hair fibers.

3) Thickens thinning hair by increasing fullness and giving volume.

4) Made of 100% natural filaments that match the characteristics of real hair.

5) Takes years off your appearance and gives you confidence from the very first time you use it.

6) Allows styling like you never again thought possible.

7) Available in 8 natural looking shades designed to match your own hair color.

8) Takes less than 30 seconds to anyone’s daily hair and make-up routine.

9) Change the way you feel about yourself every time you look in the mirror.

10) Unlike other concealers that are greasy or sticky, the filaments are dry.

11) No matter what age, you always look younger with hair.

12) Your hair will no longer look sparse, especially under sun or light.

13) No more receding line worries.

14) Filaments are virtually invisible as they blend with your own hair.

15) Great for special occasions.

16) Is economically affordable.

17) Our filaments are colourfast so no dye is transferred. Dust them away with a dry cloth if they drop on your clothes or onto a surface.

18) Organic hair-like filaments made from the same keratin protein as human hair.

19) Boom Boom Hair stays in place during normal daily activities and will not leave any trace on your face under heavy sweat or rain.

20) After the application of Hair Hold you can not rub off Boom Boom Hair with your hand.

21) No longer have to worry about people sitting behind you and staring at your bald spot.

22) Achieve highlights by using 2 or 3 colors together.

23) Stays in place until the next time you shampoo.

24) Create natural-looking thickness and fullness undetected to the naked eye.

25) Win your confidence back.

26) Do not be forced to look older due to premature hair-loss. Achieve instant transformation.

27) A natural alternative to surgical procedure.

28) Will stay in place during exercise.

29) Completely safe to use after hair transplants to eliminate the sight of any scars.

30) Can be used in conjunction with hair tonics or other treatments.

31) Formulated for men and women of all ages.

32) Safe on your hair or skin and will not smear or stain your face.

33) No longer having to grow your hair longer on one side in order to place it across to the other side to camouflage your bald spot (the old fashion hair wrap).

34) Thinning hair is a problem and for many people a cause of embarrassment and distress.

35) Specially formulated Hair Hold that intensifies the magnetic attraction between Boom Boom Hair and thinning hair.

36) Allowing to stay in place during daily activities.

37) Do not like surgery.

38) Your getting married and your bride to be insists you can not walk down the aisle with your baseball hat on.

39) Hair is a great means of self-expression.

40) Suitable for all hair types. You can use it on permed, kinky, curled, or dyed hair.

41) Will never affect your hair’s natural growth.

42) Hide alopecia and many more conditions with our hair fibers.

43-100) For further reasons why you should try Boom Boom Hair, please feel free to call or email.  


Why you need Boom Boom Hair Thickening Fibers

Why you need Boom Boom Hair Thickening Fibers